Week Of: 07/09/18

Lunch Specials

Monday: Frisco Burger

Tuesday: Mett Sandwich

Wednesday: Pulled Pork Sliders

Thursday: Apple Pecan Salad

Friday: Veggie Pocket

Saturday: Chef’s Features

Dinner Specials

Monday: Prime Rib

Tuesday: Chopped Steak Sliders

Wednesday: Chicken Pot Pie

Thursday: Bow-tie Pasta

Friday: Lasagna

Saturday: Country Chicken Bowl

Soup: Cowboy Beef Vegetable

Join us at Bacalls!

Trivia Night Every Tuesdays Starting at 8 PM!!!

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  1. Hi Ron and friends,

    Really like this new Website! Pictures and graphics are great. Menu easy to use. Thanks!

    1. Thanks Nancy, still a work in progress but its definitely more user friendly.

  2. You should think about posting happy hour specials.

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